Monthly Neighborhood Awareness Meeting

We meet each second Thursday of the month at 7pm at the North Tonawanda Public Library on Meadow Drive. All North Tonawanda residents and business owners are welcome. The meetings exist for the purpose of allowing residents to bring up concerns and discuss topics related to crime and safety in our community. Often the Police Department, and some local politicians will be present at these meetings. Over the years, topics and the solutions discussed at these meetings have done a lot to improve the safety of North Tonawanda.

COVID-19: Time for some Sanity and Calm Reasoning...

So we are all being inundated with news about COVID-19 (SARS-COV2). And whether it makes sense or not, the key is to not panic. Whether you agree with the emergency measures or not ultimately doesn't matter. What matters now is that we stay sane, and take care of our mental health. Traumatic National or Global events, such as this and 9/11 have the tendency to cause a mental shock to people. Allowing yourself to obsess over this either way, will cause damage in your Amygdala over time.

A Good Group!

Our North Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch group has received a anonymous donation of $20.00 from a member of our group who attends our meetings on occasion. This donation is a tribute to the work and efforts that our group puts forth on a regular basis to improve the quality of life for all residents in the City of North Tonawanda, and to make the City of North Tonawanda the very best that it can be for all who reside here.

Slow Stroll 2

Slow Stroll 2 will be happening on Tuesday August the 6th @ 7PM. We will meet at the corner of Tremont and Main, and take a short walk around the block to socialize and discuss community safety topics.

Slow Stroll - June 11th, 6:30pm Thompson and Vandervoort St.

Join us for our Neighborhood Stroll! Meet your neighbors and enjoy the evening.

June 11th, 6:30pm Thompson and Vandervoort St.


The automobile is a possession today that most individuals and families would find it hard to do without. Whether it is used for going to and from work, going shopping, family outings, evening outings/date nights, running errands, acting as a "taxi" to ferry kids to and from various activities, visiting family/friends, recreation and vacations, etc., the automobile is an integral part of our everyday living and all of us who own a car know how valuable it is for us.

Happy New Year from NTNW!

The North Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch (NTNW) group wishes each NT resident a happy and healthy 2019. In this new year our hope is that each of us can maximize our own efforts where possible and comfortably work in our own areas of strength to help make our city the very best that it can be.

Speed Radar Trailer!

We are investigating the possibility of purchasing a speed radar trailer to help promote safe streets in North Tonawanda. The North Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch would operate the trailer and locate it based on requests from residents so that we can work on educating motorists about safe driving behavior. The trailer itself will also help promote the group, and encourage communication between the group and residents. The trailer would not be used for direct enforcement use, only educational uses.

National Night Out!

The 2018 National Night Out will take place this coming Tuesday, August the 7th, at 6pm at Gratwick Hose. North Tonawanda Neighborhood Watch, along with North Tonawanda Police Department, and North Tonawanda Fire Department will be there. The NTPD's new K9 dog, Hammer, will be there as well.

Bring some canned goods to donate to the North Tonawanda food pantry.

There will be equipment demonstrations and some fun stuff to do as well!

Neighborhood Watch signs installed!

Scott Thomson donated 4 new signs for the group for the purposes of raising awareness of the group, and promoting this website. They have been placed in 4 locations, so that people entering the city can see them.

The locations listed are as follows: Northbound Twin City Memorial Highway, at Tremont Street. Sweeney and Main. Nash Road, at the North Tonawanda border. Ward Road at Payne.


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