Meeting Agenda: Thursday January 11th, 2018

As always, we meet every 2nd Thursday of each month, at 7pm at the Redeemer Lutheran Church at 265 Falconer Street in North Tonawanda. All residents are welcome.

This meeting we will be discussing the group, and our plans for the coming year. We will also be looking for nominations or volunteers to step up to fill open positions within the Board of Directors / Officer portion of our group. I welcome anyone with ideas on how to promote the group or improve its reach, to present them at the meeting.

Meeting Agenda: Thursday January 11th, 2018

1. 7PM: Gavel to Order
2. Chaplin's Prayer
3. Review and Motion to Approve the Minutes of previous meetings.
4. Treasurer's Report
5. Shirts update?
6. Christmas Donation update?
7. If present CHANT will update us on their efforts in the community.
8. Officer Joe Cake speaks; updates us on police department news.

9. Mike will administer the 50/50 raffle. -- Recess --

10a. Nominations / Suggestions to fill vacant spots?
10b. Group Promotion Ideas / Planning
11. Any other topics

Officer positions open for nomination:

Public Relations (Promotions)
Event co-ordinator
Ward Officers.