Meeting Agenda: Thursday December 14th, 2017

Meeting Agenda: Thursday December 14th, 2017

1. 7PM: Gavel to Order
2. Chaplin's Prayer
3. Review and Motion to Approve the Minutes of previous meetings.
4. Treasurer's Report
5. Shirts update - authorization to place order. Discuss maximum money to spend; and try to get maybe 5x each size?
6. If present CHANT will update us on their efforts in the community.
7. Officer Joe Cake speaks; updates us on police department news.

8. Mike will administer the 50/50 raffle. -- Recess --

9. Chairty Donation discussion
10. Any other old business
11. New Business
12. Any other topics

Officer positions open for nomination:

Public Relations (Promotions)
Event co-ordinator
Ward Officers.