Meeting Agenda: Thursday October 12th, 2017

Meeting Agenda: Thursday October 12th, 2017

1. 7PM: Gavel to Order
2. Chaplin's Prayer
3. Review and Motion to Approve the Minutes of August 10th 2017, Thursday September 14th, 2017 meeting.
4. Treasurer's Report
5. Shirts update
6. Discussion on the new Anti-Bullying Law
7. Officer Joe Cake speaks; updates us on police department news.

8. Mike will administer the 50/50 raffle. -- Recess --

9. Grant street project discussion
10. Block Party Initiative: Further ideas on block parties
11. Neighborhood Watch NOW / ICE BlackBox program
12. Any other topics

Officer positions open for nomination:

Public Relations (Promotions)
Event co-ordinator
Ward Officers.